Friends, Colleagues, Passengers and Partners,

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited for 2016.  The transportation industry is in a place to help millions of passengers commute in a safe and efficient manner.

AsterRIDE had a wonderful 2015.  It was our first full year in business launching our service in 6 cities (Phoenix, Orlando, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and West Palm Beach).  Along the way, we were named as the only taxi and limo app service to make the top 7 travel apps to have on your smartphone by Amadeus.  In addition, the Entrepreneur Magazine named AsterRIDE among their Top 100 Brilliant Company list for our efforts focusing on passenger safety and uniting the taxi and limo industry together in a single app.

AsterRIDE plans to build on our first year and with your support, we can expand on the thousands of passengers of using our service, 100’s of partners and 1,000’s chauffeurs on our network. 

Throughout this year, I would like to share some of the driving forces behind our approach and service.  We hope you will engage with us as a passenger or customer of asterRIDE, a transportation provider/partner or as a business partner (allow asterRIDE to provide ground services to your employees).  In this blog, I will introduce the 3 guiding principles that drive us at asterRIDE:

  1. Respect. We must respect our passengers – not only their wallets, but their time and interests.  Further, it takes two.  Passengers and Chauffeurs are equally important and we must treat Chauffeurs / Taxi drivers with respect as they are the face of our operations.
  2. Safety. The most important aspect of our business is safely transporting someone’s son or daughter; husband, wife, parent or relative; or a special friend.
  3. Awesome Technology. While our service is not just about the “APP” as it takes chauffeurs, taxi drivers, the APP and passengers to make our platform complete, our APP must be simple and easy to use with features desired by passengers.

In 2015, I touched on some of the principles and values of asterRIDE.  I believe when teams understand and agree to set of guiding principles alignment occurs and all those engaged know where the North Star is to guide them.  In this same manner, these 3 principles are asterRIDE’s North Star.

Today, I will elaborate on the Chauffeur / Driver aspects of the first principle of Respect. “It Takes Two” is very real and it is not easy to keep in balance.  You see you can have many passengers and no drivers or no passengers and many drivers.  Both of these situations don’t work.  If you acquire both and treat them each well, you will have a healthy and thriving transportation business.

We cannot get out of balance between Passengers and Chauffeurs.  This is why our team is well grounded on providing top rate service and giving the upmost respect to our chauffeur pool.  This is why partner’s like Windy City Limos are consistently annual award winners at the National Limo Association Awards or Chauffeur Driven’s banquets and have been named the Best Choice of Illinois for  past 7 years running.  This is why Southwest Sedan wins the top Chauffeur company in the city of Phoenix.  I can go on and on about these and our other partners that help asterRIDE run.

We respect the chauffeur’s choice of their profession, and the fact that they want to take pride in their work.  They enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of their passengers at the end of the ride.  Our chauffeurs take it upon themselves to make the passengers as happy and as comfortable as needed.  This may mean being quiet on a 3 hour road trip or answering questions for a passenger, who is hungry and looking for something to eat after a long flight into a new city.  I can appreciate this as a passenger in my past travels.

Our team provides and promotes discounts with local businesses to our chauffeurs where ever and whenever we can negotiate (and unlike others, we don’t require our chauffeurs to have completed a minimum number of fares to get access to these discounts).   We help our team of chauffeurs be in the know of our events and best practices from their colleagues – especially across markets.

Given we have passengers traveling across markets, we help the drivers understand what is taking place in our other markets so they stay abreast and can serve the clients as best as possible.  In the end, our chauffeurs will provide excellent service and will reap 100% of any gratuity given.  AsterRIDE will not take any portion of a chauffeur’s tip away.  They did the driving and they should reap the fruits of their labor.

By keeping to our principle of balancing the importance of both Passengers and Chauffeurs, asterRIDE strives to deliver the best service and happiest place for chauffeurs. 

Please support asterRIDE and the team.  You are welcome to join if you are a chauffeur or run a chauffeur company.  If you happen to need a ride, please download our app and book a ride with us.  See the experience that our passengers get from our awesome chauffeurs.

Seth and the asterRIDE team

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