Travel Managers, Travel Agents and Travel Planners – It’s time for something new

Isn’t it about time someone created a platform with you in mind?  Well, please allow me to introduce the AsterRIDE Ground Transportation Booking Platform.

Ever been presented with something “new and better?” We have. And we don’t think those words alone are enough. With all the different options out there for travel managers, travel agents and travel planners, why switch? What makes AsterRIDE’s Ground Transportation Booking Platform better? And if we really are better, why haven’t you heard more about us? 

I’m glad you asked.

AsterRIDE launched in December of 2014. (You were probably stressing over Christmas gifts at the time.) CEO Seth Rudin wanted a better and more convenient way to have a luxury car ready to take him to and from the airport. Since then, we’ve expanded to establish a large network of licensed and professional limousine operators in most major cities – such as San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Miami, Houston, etc.  [See what our Chicago partner has to say about our Platform]

Yes, we are the new kids on the block innovating and making your booking process simpler, safer and easier for each of the travel managers, travel planners and agents.   So what makes AsterRIDE better?

For one, you can schedule rides from your desktop or through a mobile phone on our travel planner booking platform or award winning app. Your clients or employees can enjoy the options of riding in a luxury or premium sedan (black car service), SUV, or even in a limo if they’re feeling fancy. Want to make sure your travelers get to their meetings, the airport or an event on time? How about knowing for certain that your ride to the airport will be there? Trust AsterRIDE as you can book your trips in advance with trusted transportation providers not some rookie. 

Expensing is made easy.  We offer 3 different easy payment options.  Charge to a credit card, corporate card or to a departmental account on payment terms.  And your receipts are easily accessible in our platform for your consumption.  

There is so much more to our platform that we want to share with each of you travel managers, travel planners and travel agents.  

Do you care about safety for your clients and employees?  Most people do, and we are sure you do too! Rest assured that you’re in good hands. AsterRIDE requires all of it’s drivers to have a full background check (read more here). You can also take advantage of InstaALERT™ and have your loved ones receive notification once you arrive home (Learn more here).

How does this sound so far?   Come learn more at this year’s Global Business Travel Association Conference in Denver.  Meet us at booth 1674 or email us at for more information on how we can help you and your employees/customers with their travel.


The Ground Transportation Portal Making It Easy For Travel Managers


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