Its Time to Make the Switch

Ever been presented with something “new and better?”

We have. And we don’t think those words alone are enough.

With all the ride service apps out there, why switch? What makes AsterRide better? And if we really are better, why haven’t you heard more about us?

I’m glad you asked.

AsterRide launched in December of 2014. (You were probably stressing over Christmas gifts at the time.) CEO Seth Rudin wanted a better and more convenient way to have a car ready to take him to and from the airport. [Click here to learn more.] Since then we’ve expanded to eight major cities, and will be in 12 more by the end of 2016.

Now you know we’re a newer company – great! So what makes AsterRide better?

For one, you can schedule rides in advance. Choose between a black car, SUV, or even a limo if you’re feeling fancy. Want to make sure you get to your concert on time? How about knowing for certain that your ride to the airport will be there? Select “Ride Later” (conveniently located next to “Ride Now” or their instaRIDE™) and set up a time that works for you.

Do you care about safety? We thought so. Rest assured that you’re in good hands. AsterRide requires all of its drivers to have a full background check (See Blog “It Takes Two”). You can also take advantage of InstaALERT™ and have your loved ones receive notification once you arrive home [Learn].

How does this sound so far?

We think it’s pretty great. But let’s pretend you’re still not satisfied. Ever wanted to use to a ride service app on a Saturday night, only to learn you’re about to pay double the fare? (Yeah. Us too.) That’s why at AsterRide, there’s no surge pricing (learn more here).

The price of ice cream doesn’t go up on a hot summer day. The price of an umbrella doesn’t go up when it’s raining. So why should the price of a ride go up at the exact moment when people need them most?”

We feel confident these reasons alone are enough to give AsterRide a shot. But in case you need an extra push, go for a ride on us: Download the app and enter the code PACCD20 and enjoy $20 off your first ride.

Which of these features are most important to you? Safety? Advanced booking? No surge pricing? Leave a comment below and let us know!



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