Ride Hailing Passengers want Quality Limousine Service

Time and time again, the old addage is “you get what you pay for”. More and more customers have experimented with the latest Ride sharing services, and end up coming back to the professional limousine service. Granted, the ride sharing companies have flooded the markets with low cost vehicles and drivers willing to accept a low income. Thus, making it very convenient for users.  

The new users are sharing their past ride share company stories complaining of having trips cancelled at the time of request, dirty vehicles and drivers who cannot find their way. 

However, we are seeing an in flux of customers to AsterRIDE seeking quality and reliability.

These customers share their experiences riding with our professional chauffeurs in their inspected limousine and livery vehicles.

  • Our driver was very professional, provided information about Seattle, great conversation. It was great having him as our driver!!
  • Keep up the good work. Putting the customer first great.
  • AsterRIDE provided a superior service on August 17, 2017. That driver was great! His name was Dennis and he was helpful, friendly and did everything he could to make us comfortable.

We believe that a great customer experience will outlast a fad. Try AsterRIDE today to goto the airport, to your hotel, an important meeting or whereever…its simple, reliable and well priced.

Read more about AsterRIDE here.

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