Passengers Value Convenience and Reliability

From Asterride’s launch, we take great pride in listening to our passengers.  We built our transportation service and our mobile app through the feedback of our passengers. We have adjusted along the way too.  We focus on convenience, reliability and safety.  Passengers told us loud and clear what they value the most:

a) Convenience – want a single brand that they can use where ever they go.

We are in nearly every major city in the US and are adding more cities across the US and internationally.  If you need to travel internationally, just write us at  These cities will soon be added to our app.

b) Reliability – Passengers want to have the confidence that their chauffeurs will be there when needed.

Asterride focuses on operational excellence to show up early (not just on time) and with the vehicle selected.  We focus on clear communications and status updates for our passengers and chauffeurs.

c) Safety – Passengers want to have a peace of mind while traveling in a foreign or new city.

Our chauffeurs are all background checked, licensed and insured.  They enjoy what they do as they are professionals choosing to drive because they want to not because they have to.

If you haven’t already, try our award winning service and be delighted.  Check out Asterride here

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