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The health, well-being and safety of our passengers and our network of professional chauffeurs is very important. During these times, we are taking extra care to maintain and disinfect our clean vehicles. Click here for more information.

Why Passengers Like AsterRIDE’s Booking Platform

AsterRIDE promises you will find our services to be the quality experience you are looking for. We cater to the specific needs of each individual passenger and corporate organization that uses our services. Keeping this in mind, we have created our system to fully benefit the passengers who choose us. Here is our take on understanding what our passengers value most, why passengers like AsterRIDE’s booking platform, why they choose us, and why they do so rightly.

  1. Reliable – “It’s good to know you are there whenever I need you.”

Our customers have used our services for a multitude of transportation needs. They  book sedans  SUV’s, and limos for airport transfers, special occasions, corporate events, charter buses and shuttle bus services for larger transports, and towncars and luxury sedans for their regular transport needs. But despite which vehicle they book  or when they book a vehicle, we ensure its availability and service. If you book your vehicle an hour before you need it, we make sure that your preferred vehicle is in front of you exactly when you want it.

  1. Peace of Mind – “I needn’t worry about my family member, boss or employee when they travel.”

When travelling outside your home, and being a passenger in a foreign car with a foreign driver, you may have some reservations about safety and reliability. You can feel safe with  AsterRIDE’s fully background checked chauffeurs and our guardian angel service—InstaALERT™. This passenger safety notification service is available from our mobile app to allow your loved ones to track your movements and status while in our vehicle. Once you have added your loved ones as preferred contacts in the AsterRIDE app, all they have to do is accept messages and notifications to gain access on your whereabouts and ride status while using our services.

  1. Convenience – “I want options when I travel.”

Passengers want to set their own schedule, so we let them. You can book a trip with AsterRIDE any time into the future. You get a fare estimate and confirmation immediately.  Our passengers are always in control. Further, we offer a unique service allowing passengers to play favorites and choose their preferred drivers for their future transportation needs. We understand that our passengers may feel more comfortable with certain drivers. As a  passenger all you need to do, is enter the driver’s code in the booking form and you will get the driver you desire if s/he is available. Not only can you pick your preferred drivers, but you can also mark your favorite locations to ease your future bookings.

AsterRIDE, knows that passengers value convenience, which is why we built a platform for them…giving them control and transparency with a high degree of safety. Our wide range of vehicles and transportation options, across more than 35 locations in the US and growing, allows passengers to enjoy our services regardless of their vehicle needs. In case we’re not in your area yet, keep following us as we are continually expanding our services nationwide and globally.

  1. Affordable – “It’s great to know you don’t do surge pricing.”

AsterRIDE is constantly working at providing excellent service with the most affordable pricing. Our fares are surge free. We do not believe in surprising our customers with higher pricing at peak travel times. You can rest assured you wont be charged more if you headed to a major sporting event or travelling during difficult weather conditions.

  1. Comfortable – “ I like to ride in comfort and style.”

At AsterRIDE, we take pride in knowing that our vehicles are in great condition and that our drivers are fully background checked, and commercially insured and licensed, to ensure that our customers have a hassle-free transportation experience. Along with our valuable drivers, our wide selection of vehicles (such as SUV’s, Limos, Sedans, Taxis, Shuttles, Buses, and Vans), are available for you to have the ride choice that meets your needs.

So, anytime you are looking for premium or luxury transport that ensures comfort, safety, and reliability, please consider AsterRIDE. We stand by our promise to offer you a quality experience you will want to keep coming back for.

 Seth – on behalf of the AsterRIDE team

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates

The health, well-being and safety of our passengers and our network of professional chauffeurs is very important. During these times, we are taking extra care to maintain and disinfect our clean vehicles. Click here for more information.