Going for the Gold – what it means to us…

For many of us, we just got done watching and cheering on our home country in the Olympics. There is no other event like the Olympics which unites everyone across the world towards one common goal – friendly, collaborative competition. Amateur athletes train just about 24/7 in pursuit of perfection and to entertain the world. It doesn’t matter their ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality. They go all out – sometimes blood, sweat and tears involved – while respecting each other win or lose. 

These athletes give up all sorts of opportunities – whether professional pursuits, family time and/or social activities – to compete at the highest level and the chance to hang that gold medal around their necks. I applaud them for this and for finding ways to be the best they can be. 

Becoming the best at what they do is never easy and requires hard work, support from the community and their families along with, frankly, a gift of raw talent. Of these variables, Olympians control their effort or the hard work they put into their trade. They listen to others, they watch tape of their practice sessions and they practice and train endlessly. 

I can’t imagine how many floor routines Simone Biles went through or how many laps Michael Phelps made over the past 4 years leading to this Olympics. I applaud them for their efforts and commitment.

At AsterRIDE, we learned that focusing on every little detail, listening to our passengers’s feedback, our partners conducting chauffeur training, and understanding our technology makes us better and allows us to provide the ultimate passenger experience. Our partners know how to compete with class and how to collaborate as a team.

We applaud all of the Olympic Athletes who gave it their all, and we are equally excited for our pursuit of perfection.


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