What Excellence Means to Us at AsterRIDE….

What Excellence Means to Us at AsterRIDE

Why is it so many people fall in love with Apple products?  Or, families continue to go back to a Walt Disney property?  In my opinion, it’s because of the tremendous experience Apple and Walt Disney provide their customers.

When a company focuses on every little detail of the customer experience and execution, then usually the company will win the hearts of their customers and their loyaly with the great service they provided.

This is why at AsterRIDE our focus is on every little detail of the passenger’s experience.

Recently, our focus and concentration on service was confirmed.  I just returned from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) trade show in Denver where AsterRIDE hosted a booth.  Thousands of travel buyers, travel managers, travel planners and partners attended the event and many visited our booth.

Their questions and needs of the traveler centered around the customer experience, duty of care – a fancy industry term for passenger safety, and ease of ordering.

With our keen focus on the passenger’s engagement – from the time of ordering a ride on AsterRIDE’s platform to the point they exit one of our professional’s chauffeur’s vehicles, our team is collectively centered around a great experience.

If you have ever visited a Walt Disney property, you probably were greeted by a smiling employee, and you may have noticed every inch of their property was clean and well-manicured.  Or, if you own an Apple device, you probably noticed a very clean device which is easy to use.  Apple maintained the user interface and user engagement with the hardware at the center of their design to capture the hearts of their customer.  This is why their customers come back…their excellence becomes their customers’ great user experience.

What does excellence mean at AsterRIDE?  We maintain a relentless focus on the Passenger and Chauffeur.  We must have both for this platform to be successful, and we must understand both group’s preferences and behaviors.

As it relates to passengers, it means we must be relentless in keeping the fare booking process simple and always keeping the passenger top of mind.  We used our passenger’s input to design a great app, and we continue to solicit and receive suggestions for improving the overall user experience.

We must maintain a high level of duty of care and level of service.  As a transportation platform, our chauffeurs must provide great service, must have clean and complete background checks and carry commercial insurance.  To us, duty of care or the safety of our passengers is never a question.  It’s a must and if you can’t do this, then you should not be involved in the process of transporting passengers.  Why should a company or a passenger ever trust another company who refuses to conduct full background checks of their drivers?

Whether it’s a group ride, wedding transportation or an airport transfer, our chauffeurs must always treat passengers with respect and with high regard – opening doors, greeting them and sending them off nicely and knowing the rules of the road.

I am so proud of our team of limo and taxi partners across the platform. They have provided our passengers with an outstanding customer experience and great transportation service. 

As long as our collective team maintains our laser focus on excellence, we will continue to grow and provide great airport transfers, corporate transportation, event transportation and other transportation such as weddings, large groups with buses, vans and sprinters.


– on behalf of the AsterRIDE team


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