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Let’s face it – we often make decisions not because they’re not only better but because they’re easier. We buy coffee at the closest spot across the street. We love our weekend spots because they’re fun!….and because the commute is quick. So why go with AsterRIDE and what makes it easier?


Safety is the foundation of any transportation service. At AsterRIDE, we understand we’re transporting people – not number two pencils. We pride ourselves in providing both a convenient and trusting method of transportation.

With other ride sharing apps, you’re getting a personal car driven by an untrained driver who had a loose background check. Perhaps this is why the numbers from report high numbers of assault. Doesn’t sound very safe, does it?

That’s why all of our chauffeurs are licensed. They carry commercial insurance meeting the minimum amounts required by the country or governing authority. In addition, AsterRIDE requires all of its drivers to have a background check (fingerprinted, nationwide.)

Want some extra assurance? How about your own Guardian Angel?  We’re the only ones using InstaALERT™. With this option, your friends and family can receive notifications each time you take a ride. They also can track you as you’re traveling to your destination.


Book now. Book later. AsterRIDE is an easier choice knowing you can book whenever you want. In fact, we’re the first national app with limousines and taxis on on the same app to offer an advanced booking. Choose between a luxury sedan, SUV, limo or taxi. You can even use us to get to and from your events via buses, vans, shuttle, or limo. (We thought you’d like the limo option. So we said it twice.) To make things easier, we provide easy search and electronic receipts.

No Surge

We saved the best for last. It doesn’t require much further explanation. Want to head out on a Friday night? We’ve got you covered. And you’re not paying any extra. We respect your wallet, plain and simple.

It’s the easy way to go. Whether it’s corporate travel or passenger travel, choosing AsterRIDE is a no brainer. Companies are choosing us because of our history and support of safety and offering convenience.   Everyone wants a reliable, safe and convenient choice that supports the profession of full time chauffeurs.

Makes things pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Which is most important to you when choosing an easy way to travel? Let us know in the comments below.

Seth and the AsterRIDE team.


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