What Duty of Care Means to You and AsterRIDE Ride Hailing Service

Imagine you are riding or your wife or daughter is traveling on a trip out of state.  They take a trip from the airport to their hotel in a ground transportation service provider. 

What goes through your mind when your loved one or yourself is on the road in a city you or they do not know anything about…? 

Do you trust everything is okay because they have a cool name and a lot of marketing buzz?  Or because they have XXX Limousine Services in their name so they must be legitimate and trustworthy?

Or, do you worry about their credentials – are they licensed to operate? Does the company carry sufficient commercial car insurance to protect against substantial healthcare bills in the unfortunate case of an accident?  Or, do they ensure their chauffeurs/drivers have had full background checks before driving to avoid being a statistic like one of the 5,800 sexual assaults reported last year to one of the leading ridesharing apps in 2015 (see article).

Duty of care is a fancy phrase but a very important term. Duty of care refers to the responsibility of how a transportation company cares for transferring passengers in their vehicles.  The transportation companies are transferring humans and not Number 2 pencils so they must be sure the chauffeur who is behind the wheel meets several key tests.  While this list can vary by city or county, they must include the following:

  1. Pass a full FBI Nationwide Background Check
  2. Pass a local state and sexual predator background check
  3. Be legally authorized to work in the United states
  4. Carry Commercial Insurance that meets the local authority requirements (usually $1 million of auto liability insurance)
  5. Licensed by the local transportation authority like the Airport or city office

This topic continues to arise whether at meetings with corporations, sports teams, the Global Business Travel Authority, Travel Brokers, Travel Agents, Online Travel Agencies and city governments.  Their questions and needs of the traveler centered around the customer experience, duty of care, and ease of booking.

Choosing a provider who cares about you, your family member, the executive or friend you are booking the trip for is very important. whom you can have a peace of mind and trusting is important.  Any transportation company can complete rides with a company that goes through a dispatching software platform.

At AsterRIDE Limousine and Luxury Transportation, we maintain a high level of duty of care as we are providing a serious transportation service to a loved one or colleague.  As a transportation platform, our chauffeurs must provide great service, must have clean and complete background checks and carry commercial insurance.  To us, duty of care is not even a question.  It’s a must and if you can’t do this, then you are not a transportation provider.  Why should a company or a passenger ever trust another company who refuses to conduct a full background checks of their drivers?

Whether it’s a group ride, wedding transportation or an airport transfer, our chauffeurs must always treat passengers with respect and high regard – opening doors, greeting them and sending them off nicely and knowing the rules of the road.

I am so proud of our team of limo and travel experts across the platform. They have provided our passengers with an outstanding customer experience and great transportation service. 

Seth – on behalf of the AsterRIDE team

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