Friends, current and future asterRIDE partners and business passengers:

Whether you’re headed to the airport or to an important meeting, you want to know you have a ride secured when you need it, and that your travels will result in you arriving safely to the desired destination. For me, traveling has became second nature in my days consulting, and now interacting with our different markets and partners. In fact, this is how it all started for us.  My co-founders and I traveled two or three times each week before starting asterRIDE.  We entered this market to make the process simple, safe and reliable.  

Our passengers are noticing the simplicity.  With the latest version of our booking app, users can easily navigate and secure rides of their choice.  We make it easy to set up your default ride settings. You can pick from a list of luxury vehicles, taxis, or one of our two innovative options–the closest vehicle or the cheapest vehicle.  The closest vehicle assigns the vehicle closest to you regardless of the fare, while the cheapest vehicles sends the lowest priced vehicle within a ten mile radius that is closest. Then, just tap ride now or book it for later.  Simple and convenient.

With asterRIDE, you know when you or your loved one gets into one of our vehicles the driver is vetted by the local city (e.g., fingerprinted background checks), carries commercial insurance and has experience navigating passengers from point A to B.  Our passengers, especially our female executives, get a peace of mind traveling with us given our consistent approach to vetting and safety notifications.

I also keep my wife apprised of my travels through our instaALERT™ safety notification service.  My wife receives a text every time I get into a vehicle and can track my ride from her phone.  Once I arrive, she gets a text that I arrived safely and she continues on peacefully with her day.

What most of my friends and our business passengers find nice about asterRIDE is the ability to book rides in advance.  Many of them are sales professionals, managers or consultants who travel multiple times per month.  They want the comfort of traveling with one of our professional and reliable ride serviceproviders.  They schedule their rides in advance and then don’t have to worry if they forgot to call someone or if a ride share driver is not available in the area.  

And, at the end of the ride, they get a simple receipt. They don’t have to explain any surge pricing to their boss, as asterRIDE respects the customer’s budget and never uses surge pricing.  

So, give us a try… use APPS20 for 20% off your first ride.

Questions, email us at  Let’s ride together.