Engagement – How are you involved in your Community?

At Asterride, we believe in making positive contributions to our community.

This goes beyond Asterride’s commitment in providing an outstanding passenger experience. This means making a difference in the communities we serve.

Making a difference means more than just donating money and calling it good.  Making a difference is impacting people’s lives in a positive way that moves them forward. You see, we all have three things we can give: our time, unique skills and fundraising efforts.

Here are a few examples:

Our time to the Community:

  – Volunteer at a local charity or Habitat for Humanity as an example

  – Mentor at the local Boys or Girls club or as a big brother/sister

  – Help at a cause that is dear to your heart

Our Unique Skills we can provide to our Community:

  – Consult a local charity and provide intellectual capital to a non-profit

  – Use your craft to make a difference

   – Provide free service as a means to participate

Promoting to our network on behalf of our Community:

 – Besides making your own contributions, raise money on behalf of a charity

  – Participate in the fundraiser and be visible to your personal and professional network and encourage them to participate

AsterRIDE is promoting three charities this month and we encourage you to donate as well:


Each of these causes are important to Asterride in some form. Almost all of us have had family, friends or a colleague impacted by cancer or some other disease or a member needing some extra help.  I believe we all have something to give – time, effort, skills, encouragement or money.  I have found that picking a month out of each year to push something is meaningful to you will make a positive impact on someone’s life or many lives.  

Please make a difference. We can do more together than by ourselves.




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