Our Chauffeurs – Get to Know our Directors of First Impressions

We know how a simple smile and a warm greeting can brighten your day.  This is just one of the reasons why our friendly asterRIDE chauffeurs are so beloved by our customers.

AsterRIDE’s focus on service and the passenger’s experience is unmatched. Our chauffeurs put incredible effort and focus into wowing our passengers. We understand the importance of the chauffeur’s role…so much that we call them our “Directors of First Impressions.”

As one of our passengers put it, “First class experience…”. This is what Robin D. from Arizona recently said when she gave AsterRIDE a 5-star review saying, “First class experience. There waiting for me at the airport. Clean, comfortable ride to my destination. Professional service start-to-finish.”

Our Directors of First Impression  i.e., our professional chauffeurs:

Open Your Doors. With etiquette top of mind, our drivers are always ready to assist you in and out of the vehicle. Our trained chauffeurs will always open the door adjacent to the sidewalk to ensure utmost safety and efficiency.

Put Away Your Luggage. Packing heavy? No problem! Our courteous chauffeurs are prepared to do the heavy lifting needed to get your luggage placed in the car. One bag or one hundred, our chauffeurs are skilled at playing ‘Luggage Tetris.’

Have Water Available. We know that the heat, extended travel, or even a couple of airplane cocktails can leave you parched. You can rely on our drivers to arrive prepared with refreshing bottles of water for you.

Speak Only When Spoken To. Your time is valuable, and we know you are traveling free from the steering wheel for a reason. Return email, call your spouse or check in with your personal assistant. This ride is all about you. Sit back and relax while we get you to and from your destination.

Dress to Impress. The dress code for our chauffeurs include clean, pressed clothing, and of course – a warm smile.

Greeting. Our chauffeurs will offer you a warm and friendly greeting and at your destination, a warm “See you soon”… There are “no goodbyes” as we intend to see you again soon.

We make it our business to ensure that chivalry and etiquette is alive and well. Let AsterRIDE make an incredible first impression, and we guarantee you will keep us on speed dial.

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Seth and the asterRIDE team

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