AsterRIDE Limousine and Luxury Transportation is Expanding Its Ride Hailing Services

Asterride is expanding

Since the inception of Asterride in 2014, we have been expanding our service throughout the United States. As of 2016, we have expanded our luxury transportation service to over 35 locations within the US and we plan on expanding to international markets soon. Customer demand for Asterride has grown exponentially and we plan on meeting this demand with the same high quality service when we serviced just a handful of markets. Our current target is to expand to 30 new domestic locations and 15 – 20 international locations. This will be a big step for our company as well as a big change in the transportation game.

Our plan to expand originated from our customer as we received customer feedback on our services and requests to service additional markets. Customer feedback shows that our customers love quality and reliability of our service.  This also includes the variety of vehicles that we provide, the convenience and variety of choice we offer along with the more unique aspects that we at Asterride. To further understand why asterride is expanding, it is important to understand why passengers value our services:

We address the quality and choices customers want

As a service that is spread across over 35 cities, at Asterride, we give the passengers exactly what they want – a choice. People want to be able to have a variety of vehicles to choose from and see which choice is perfect for them. We provide our passengers a choice of booking now or later, choosing their vehicle and their driver.

We believe in consistency

The importance of consistency cannot be stressed enough. When you think of your transportation needs you make a mental checklist. This checklist includes the type of vehicle, the driver, the budget, the destination, the safety of the travel and the date of travel. When you open the Asterride website/app and click on the booking form, you can easily choose your preferences with a comprehensive form under 5 minutes. Regardless of which location you are booking for, we achieve consistency of services by maintaining the same standards of quality and high standards of service across all areas.  

We recognize the responsibility of providing a variety of geographic options

Asterride offers services in a large variety of locations under one brand.  Passengers have told us they don’t want to have to choose from 100’s of different transportation companies.  They want a single company who can manager their transportation and travel. We understand the need to put our customers preferences in mind as we expand in more locations.

We see a synergy with the growth of the travel industry

Since the last few years, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) data suggests that the travel industry’s contribution towards the world GDP has been growing consistently. [1} With people traveling there has been a demand for services that complement the travel industries. This has paved way for transportation companies like Asterride. With increased consumer focus on technology, tech savvy transportation companies stand out as all companies work towards increasing their customer base. [2}

We understand the need to gauge the millennials entering the market

With the millennials entering the customer base with increased disposable income, their preferences need to be considered. This demographic, which consisted of 20% of the world travelers in 2010, are expected to take 47% more international trips by the year 2020. [3}

Expanding convenient and reliable transportation services to cater to these travelers is the way towards growth for companies like Asterride.  

The expansion of transportation services will change the way urban cities function. Efficiency is key and the companies are here to deliver. If you are interested in further understanding this linkage, this article gives an in depth insight into the rapidly growing travel trends.

Keep checking on us to see if we’ve started operations in your city as Asterride is expanding!


Seth – on behalf of the AsterRIDE team


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