AsterRIDE: Are You Up for the Challenge?

As we head into the summer months, many of us will take time off to spend with our families during the summer school break or just take some well-deserved R&R.  Each summer, I personally like to challenge myself with a new project or physical adventure.  I challenge each of you to do the same…give back, mentor, conquer, start a project, jump on that idea you have been contemplating.

I was just asked today, by someone who just quit her job over her frustration with corporate politics, why I jumped in to starting up AsterRIDE and was I nervous. 

Quitting a good job like the one I left and similar to the one the young lady just left is never easy.  However, I wanted more satisfaction and I love stepping up to the challenge. 

My parents raised me in competitive sports.  You can ask my brother, my sister and any of my friends… I love sports and competing.  To me, starting a business was no different than being asked to be the starting pitcher of a baseball game.  The thrill of winning sure is great but in the end, knowing I am giving my all-out best was satisfying enough.

I challenge each of you to give your all out best and challenge yourself each and everyday!

Support your local entrepreneurs who give up security and a peace of mind for the thrill of bringing to life something better, different and new.

Seth and the asterRIDE team

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