AsterRIDE Affiliate Partner Network

Are You a Limousine Company Looking to Grow? Then Join our Global Network of Exemplary Limousine and Charter Bus Companies.
Become an affiliate partner with our global network.

We invite fully vetted limousine operators like you, to join our rapidly expanding Affiliate Partner Network.

AsterRIDE's Affiliate Partners are first class operators, who leverage commercially licensed and fully vetted chauffeurs. These partners ensure high standards in vehicle inspection, and know how and what it takes to provide quality transportation services.

We promise you will benefit when you become a part of our exciting network, today.

How do I benefit?


As an AsterRIDE Affiliate Partner, you get to farm-in trip sales plus farm-out sales, to expand your business and generate additional fares outside of your normal service area. It's a win-win for all.


Our platform is designed with you in mind. We respect the importance of retaining your branded identity. When you join our Affiliate Partner Network, you receive your own fully branded website. All customer interaction, booking requests, confirmations, emails, and contact information remain exclusively yours.


You set your own pricing for your customers. Our portal comes with a15% affiliate rate. You are free to mark up and sell the fares as high as you want. And, remember, the trip always remains in your name. Each chauffeur represents YOUR company’s brand to the customer.


We make it easy. Promote and farm out orders in one central vetted platform and receive electronic notifications, real time fare calculations, and maintain control of your orders and passenger information. When each trip order is completed, we invoice your credit card account, and you receive payment from us within a week, directly into your bank account.

How does it work?

Grow your business


Receive "farm-in" trips from your peers on our Affiliates Partner Network (APN).

Receive trip requests - via email and/or with our App.

Execute trip requests - your chauffeur completes the assigned trip under the referring affiliate name, as per their instructions.

Get Paid - electronically receive funds within 7 business days.

Asterride how does it works

Expand your sales


Opportunity to offer fares to your passengers in cities outside your service area. Leverage peer affiliates to execute your trips. Use your own instructions and company branding.

Receive trip request from your passenger - enter trip request into APN portal. Get quotes and book trip.

Once the affiliate completes the fare - the trip is completed, and you are electronically invoiced and notified.

How do I join?

AsterRIDE Affiliate Partner Qualifications:

  • Licensed chauffeur with proof of FBI background check, via airport and city permit or other verifiable documentation.
  • Meet with our AsterRIDE on boarding team.
  • Provide commercial insurance.
  • Sign our Mutual Affiliate Agreement.

5% processing charge includes banking fees and 1099 reporting.

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