Friends, Colleagues, Passengers and Partners,

It’s that time of year to reflect on the past year, show our appreciation and be thankful for what we have.  Why this is an annual ritual and not a daily routine is beyond me.  There is so much to be thankful for, but first I want to pay respect to all those who have been impacted by the terrible acts in Paris.  This atrocity, and others of its kind, should never be forgotten and is against any sense of reason.   

AsterRIDE launched its service this year to help those wanting secure luxury rides with professional chauffeurs in a simple user experience.  Our easy-to-use platform is intended to give our passengers the choice of booking a ride for now or scheduling their rides for later.  Passengers can also trust that they will have a great experience with a fully background checked chauffeur.  This requires a lot of operational expertise and technical design. Our model is simple.  

We work with only the best.  On behalf of my transportation partners and management team, I thank each and every member of my technology team.  We built a platform using passenger input to build a passenger friendly app.  Our team did a great job working long hours and following through on each and every challenge presented to them. 

This also extends to our dispatching and driver apps.  In fact, a select group of chauffeurs also helped us design and build a simple-to-use driver app.  Thank you, thank you development team for your awesome work and the awards you have accumulated to date (such as being the only taxi and limo app named to Amadeus’ top 7 smart phone travel apps in February 2015).

To run a great ride service, you must have a great set of chauffeurs and drivers.  The technology is great and award winning, but without a pool of chauffeurs, what do you have?  You have a nice-looking app with upset customers.

We have accumulated some of, if not the, best pool of chauffeurs driving for us.  Who wants to get into a car that is dirty or is driven by a chauffeur who always needs google maps or Waze to get around?  Our chauffeurs have an average of 10+ years of experience and come from industry stalwarts like Windy City Limos, National Black Car, Sabra Limousine, Southwest Sedan, Transtyle and many more.   Thank you to all of our partners and chauffeurs who have signed up and driven with asterRIDE.  

To onboard these chauffeurs, we take great care in our process.  In fact, due to the extra steps we take to onboard quality chauffeurs, we are often slow to launch and have a pipeline of chauffeurs waiting.  While we want to expedite this as much as possible, the wait is with good reason. The most important thing a ride service does is provide a safe journey for a passenger, who is someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister or parent. Thanks to all the local market partners for their care in onboarding our chauffeurs.  Whether this be our own Ash Khaleghi or Windy City Limo or Sabra Limo to name a few, we thank you for your hard work, time, and commitment.

While we want every ride to go perfectly (and most do), we have to support our chauffeurs and make sure they are scheduled properly when the software can’t auto-dispatch.  I thank each of our market partners for their dedication and sometimes late nights. Thanks Brian, Ash and all the rest for the efforts put forward.

Every time a ride is put into our system, we get a vote of confidence from our passengers.  We know that every ride is a sign of trust given to us to make sure they get to that very important meeting, trip to the airport or journey home from a night out with friends.  Thank you passengers for your continued support.

I also need to thank our partners, advisors and business colleagues.  We have had a lot of great support and partnership derived from the work of FirecrackerPR, PACC Pro Sports and Business Network, VIP Taxi, Transtyle, Windy City Limo and many more that I can’t name.  A big thank you.

Most importantly, in addition to thanking my team, I thank the families of my team members and my wife.  We spend a lot of time working on our mission and charter but this comes at the expense of being away from precious moments with our loved ones.  Each of our staff, partners, transportation providers, business partners, and myself sacrificed time away from our families. Speaking for myself, I am gracious for the support and loyalty from my wife and family members.  

Let’s have a safe holiday and share our appreciation to those that matter.

 Questions? Email us at  Let’s ride together.